Main goals

Infrared thermography is an excellent non-invasive and safe diagnostic method for examining skin blood perfusion. IN additional to some technical limitations there are many special considerations that that have to been taken into account to obtain relevant and correct examination of the patient. The purpose of the visit is to visit each other’s laboratories to share knowledges and know-how concerning the application of this imaging technology both in clinical practice as well as in research. A further point of the visit is to discuss the potential of establishing a virtual thermography centre for other European specialist in medical infrared thermography.


The education seminar will be prepared for the promoter by partner in Norway. Based on the visits and obtained knowledges, the practical seminar and lecture will be prepared for medical students and physicians from Masaryk University.


Based on experience gained from the exchange visits we plan to design a teaching module for students in medical thermography, including lecture and practical course at Masaryk University. The information gained from the bilateral visits will be presented in the university newspaper or faculty newspapers. A poster describing our conclusions will be posted in the corridor of the biophysics department of Masaryk University, that will be visible for all students and visitors to the department. The outcome will also be presented as a communication at our biophysics conference “XL. Dny lékařské biofyziky”. An informative article about the cooperation will be posted on the Biophysics department´s webpage.